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  • Climb aboard a RIB boat or a kayak for a breathtaking on-the-water voyage around the Lusterfjord and Sognefjord. The best way to drink in the untouched beauty of Fjord Norway is from the water, allowing adventurers sweeping views of soaring mountain tops, rushing waterfalls, frolicking seals, idyllic farms, and pastoral villages. Go with the flow with a rental kayak or guided tour, or for something more exciting, pick up the pace with a ride on a high-speed RIB boat.

  • Take a hike through the wild landscapes of the Lusterfjord. With mountains greeting the fjord on three sides, the Walaker Hotell and the village of Solvorn make for an ideal base camp for hikers. Routes run the gamut from short and sweet one-hour treks to longer, more challenging adventures, each providing stunning views of forest-blanked mountains, icy glaciers, magnificent fjords, and more. Talk to the hotel staff or refer to the Norwegian Trekking Association’s website for suggestions.

  • Set off down the road for a scenic drive or bike ride through some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet. The northern shore of the Lusterfjorden is home to the National Tourist Route Sognefjellet, which runs between Gaupne, in Luster, and Lom and boasts the distinction of being the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe. On the southern shore, the Romantic Road takes travelers along the Lusterfjord, past the Feigefossen Waterfall and through the ”juice village” of Sørheim. Alternatively, drivers can also go further west, stopping at the Norwegian “book town” of Fjærland and the municipality of Jølster before crossing the Gaularfjellet mountain pass.

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