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  • Journey to Jostedalsbreen National Park, one of Southern Norway’s largest intact wilderness areas. The biggest glacier in continental Europe, Jostedalsbreen is made up of smaller glaciers, the most famous of which are Nigard and Brikdal. During a visit to Jostedal glacier, guests can try their hand at glacier walking on a guided hike, see a calving glacier from a kayak, go whitewater rafting down a glacial river, or learn more about the glacier at one of the national park’s visitor centers. Best of all, the Jostedalsbreen is also easily reachable from Solvorn, with the central part of the Jostedal valley only an hour-long drive away.

  • Hop on the ferry across the Lustrafjord to see the Urnes Stave Church. Located in the idyllic fjordside village of Ornes, which sits on the shore just opposite Solvorn, the Urnes Stave Church is among the most historic in Norway, dating to around 1130. Richly decorated inside and out, this 12th-century church is resplendent in elements taken from Christianity, Viking culture, and Norse mythology. The building is so important that it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

  • Take a stroll around the pastoral village of Solvorn. Although the star of the scenic Lusterfjord is its abundant natural beauty, this quaint community on its western shore also offers a storybook setting of its own. There is no better way to spend a leisurely afternoon than by wandering the hamlet’s streets, which are peppered with colorfully painted wooden homes. Stop by a café for a cup of coffee and a pastry or, if in season, pluck a handful of wild berries that grow near the roadside to enjoy along the way.

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