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Guests can be soothed into a peaceful slumber to the sounds of ocean in the accommodations offered at STØTT Top of Helgeland. A unique feature of the hotel is that guests sleep in the restored buildings at the historic trading posts. The buildings are detailed with old coastal culture and refurbished with stately designs. Guests are able to live and sleep in true North Norwegian fashion through the articulate preservation of these buildings that kept much of the originality in them.

The Bakery:
Once used as a bakery for baking and delivering fresh bread to fishermen and feeding the local population, this suite has been turned into a spacious accommodation for guests to stay. The Bakery includes six double beds with private bathrooms and one superior suite with two double guestrooms within the suite.

The Rorbua is the house where fishermen would prepare the mill, worked, ate and slept. It has become a favorite among guests because of the authentic atmosphere combined with interiors from the trading posts’ heyday. The Rorbua is divided into two sections- North and South. Rorbua North features three double guestrooms, one bathroom and a living room. Rorbua South features four double guestrooms, two bathrooms and one living room.

The Staff Cage:
The Staff Cage, a standard trading post feature for the area, was once used as a storehouse. This store house is from the 18th century and is the oldest house on Støtt. It has been refurbished into a romantic cabin with two floors, three beds, and a cozy living room for guests to relax in and enjoy the space.