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Helgeland has existed in many Norwegian legends and folktale over the centuries. It’s an area that is made of majestic mountains, tranquil seas, and islands that each have their own story to tell. Nestled in Hegleand is Støtt, a quaint fishing village that has a charming historic past of collecting and distributing many kinds of seafood from its nutrient filled seas. Today, while the trading post and the demand for dried goods has declined, it has been resurrected into a historic site. STØTT Top of Helgeland was built for travelers to come and visit the land and swim the seas. Støtt Top of Helgeland is an amazing retreat for those who appreciate nature and outdoor living. Surrounded by mountain and sea, there are many excursions and tours provided by Støtt visitors can take part in. From fishing like a true Norwegian fisherman to climbing challenging vigorous mountains like the Hestmannen, visitors to Helgeland will experience nature and the beauty within it.

Transporation to STØTT Top of Helgeland is very accessible thanks to The Norland Express (NEXIs). It is the regional express boat and it travels to Støtt several times a day and travel takes less than three hours from major towns in the region. Tickets can be booked for direct travel From Bodo Airport, which is closest airport to Støtt right from their website.

Nearest Airport

Bodø Airport: 134km 2 hours and 30 minutes via NEXIs ferry

Hotel Address

Støttveien 10, Støtt

Norway 8159

Historic Hotels Worldwide Recommended Points of Interest

  • Helgeland Coast

    Helgeland Coast

    Helgeland is the most southerly district in Northern Norway and along the coast are mountainous regions. 

  • Hestmannen


     Hestmannen is a challenging and legendary mountain known for vigorous hikes and once-in-a-lifetime views. 

  • Kalsholmen Lighthouse

    Kalsholmen Lighthouse

    Climb to the top Kalsholmen Lighthouse  and admire the view out over the sea.

  • Rødøyløva


    A majestic mountain and  site of the archipelago that offers breathtaking views of the sea and islands. 

  • Storviksanden Beach

    Storviksanden Beach

    Visitors can go camping along Storviksanden beach in hopes of getting to catch the Northern Lights.