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  • Kayak on the Helgeland coast and take in all the breathtaking natural views the island and sea have to offer. The Helgeland coast consists of over 12,000 islands with clear blue water, white sandy beaches, midnight sun, and unique wildlife that make for an unforgettable experience. Under the expert guidance of an instructor, visitors can travel safely, kayaking to these dreamy locations throughout Helgeland.

  • Experience one of Helgeland coasts’ most sought after and hikes to Rødøyløva. There lies the majestic mountain and once at the top, hikers are rewarded with an airy and spectacular view of the sea and islands. The breathtaking site of the archipelago is a favorite among those who complete the hike. Sherpa stairs have been put in place up and through the mountains so that views can be accessible to all visitors.

  • Go fishing on one of the world’s most beautiful coasts and experience what the life of a Norwegian fisherman looks like. Tours are offered, taking visitors out onto the fishing field where they experience the unique silence and tranquility of the sea while hunting for the delicacies that live beneath. Upon reeling in a fish, the crew fillets the catch into delicate pieces and adds it to Norway’s best fish soup only seconds after it’s removed from the sea. The cold climate mixed with the warmth of the Gulf Stream ensures a rich and nutrient-filled sea which fills the Helgeland coast with healthy fish. Fishing luck is practically guaranteed.
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