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  • Dine at Restaurant Gammelbutikken, located in Støtt Top of Helgeland’s great room that has been uniquely designed to showcase casual coastal culture. The inspiration for cuisine time travels a few centuries back and is derived from the old trading post that once inhabited the land. Over the course of its history, delicious halibut, cod, whale meat and much more has been served here with the upmost hospitality and generosity toward those who have traveled through the land. Having the sea right at the doorstep, seafood is prepared from scratch and freshly caught. Restaurant Gammelbutikken is also the only restaurant in Norway that produces its own dried fish.

  • Indulge in a pizza craving while on the island at Bella Napoli Ørnes Pizza-Grill, known among the locals for its diverse menu. The restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere and delicious Neapolitan style pizzas for a quick lunch while exploring the island. The menu also offers oriental/Turkish dishes such as kebabs and wraps.

  • Devour a meal at Lille Gatekjøkken, a charming pub located on the island. Typical pub food such as burgers and fries take on a local spin with fresh seafood and local delicacies being showcased on the menu. It is the ultimate comfort food spot to try after a day of hiking or fishing on the through the islands.
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